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owner & co-founder

McKinsey was born and raised in West Texas and went to Oklahoma State University. After college, she moved to Dallas, got married and had her first baby. Being a stay at home mom is what she thought she strived to be until she realized she thrived working outside of the home. In 2015, she started a stationery design studio where she mixed her love for pattern, color, and creativity - but, funky interiors and textiles were always in the back of her mind.

In 2018, she and Lissa met, and the two shared mutual dreams and goals, and The Loom and Company was born - officially launching in 2020, three weeks before COVID. The rest is history! McKinsey is all things creative & chaotic and leans on Lissa for all things business, which makes the two the perfect duo.

She lives in Tulsa with her husband, Whit, their 2 children, Emma and Hollis, and their French bulldog, Louie.

McKinsey's favorite rugs are ever-changing, but her current faves are Frida, Mary, Mamie, Sophie, and Gerty.

Follow McKinsey's adventures: @mcavouti


owner & co-founder

Lissa grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and graduated from Baylor University where she studied business and information technology. In 2002, she moved to Dallas for her first job in the corporate world. From a young age, she watched her mom fill creative roles and realized she wanted something similar, thus leading her to explore the life of being an entrepreneur.

In 2010, Lissa met her West Texas husband, and in 2012 the two were married and ready to start a family. Several years and another baby later, Lissa decided to take a leap and make her dream of starting and building a business into a reality. She started in jewelry design and later created a franchise tailored to teaching others how to own and operate their own business - leading Lissa to meet her now co-founder and business partner, McKinsey.

Lissa lives in San Antonio with her husband, Ty, their 2 girls, McLean and Millie, and their Labrador, Sissy.

Lissa's favorite rugs are Mary, Frida, Louise, Hollis, and Sissy.

Follow Lissa's adventures: @lissa_mitchell


digital & creative marketing director

Born and raised in Tulsa, Anna went to Oklahoma State University where she studied marketing. Anna's marketing experience started in college when she worked for a startup on their social marketing team. After graduation, she started her career in business-to-business media.

As The Loom and Co's go-to social media expert, Anna helps develop strategies and best practices by leveraging our loyal audience and developing ongoing marketing efforts. She works directly with our collaborations, partnerships, and content creators.

Anna lives in Tulsa with her husband, Cole, their daughter, Teddy, and their little white fuzzy dog, Hal. Interested in a collaboration? You can contact Anna at

Anna's favorite rugs are Teddy, Topsey, Olivia, and Scottie.

Follow Anna's adventures: @annaalawack


director of warehouse operations

Alfonso lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he enjoys outdoor activities but truly has a love for playing music, spending time with his family, the Dallas Cowboys, and cheering on the Red Raiders!

Alfonso worked for FedEx when we met him in 2020, and we knew we wanted him to be a part of The Loom and Co team. He became full-time in early 2021, where he has kept our warehouse running smoothly ever since. Alfonso thrives in the warehouse where he has created structure and maintains a positive work environment for our entire shipping and logistics team.

Alfonso's favorite rugs are Finley, Henry, and Frida Cream.


VP operations

Christine grew up in Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University where she studied marketing and international business. In 2007, she moved to Los Angeles for her first job out of college, working for the Discovery Channel in advertising and sales. In 2010, she reconnected with her high school sweetheart, and the two were married in 2013.

Upon moving back to Texas, Christine worked as a customer experience director at a tech company in San Antonio. In 2018, she found her love for small businesses and startups when she was hired as the director of customer relations for Supergoop!, the well-known sunscreen brand where she was part of the team that launched their ecommerce brand. Christine has a knack for solving all of the problems, creating all of the processes, and organizing all of the meetings.

She lives in San Antonio with her husband, Matt, their 3 children, Scarlett, Sage, and Scout, and their black lab, Mowgli.

Christine's favorite rugs are Rowe, Louise, Amelia, and Pearl.


in-house rug designer

Liz was born and raised in Oklahoma City but dreamed of life in the Big Apple. After college, she spent nearly a decade in NYC working in the designer fashion industry. Her impeccable taste and eye for style fuel her love of work with color, pattern, and textiles.

A true believer in the successful marriage of form and function, her designs are fresh and modern, yet timeless, and have graced homes from contemporary to Tudor to traditional. After spending a few years in Dallas, Liz and her husband, Campbell, with their three young children, Palmer, Walker, and Philips, have settled in and happily made their home in Tulsa.

Liz’s favorite rugs are Babs, Arden Bright, Fallon, Seymour, and Gerty.


director of customer experience & vendor relations

Born in Texas but raised in Tulsa, Erica went to the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduation, she took her first job working for an interior designer and has been in the industry ever since - with the exception of taking some time off to raise her two boys and teach dance.

She loves the details, which makes her a great fit to ensure your rug is on time and perfect. Erica navigates the relationships with our overseas artisans & international customs. Her favorite part of her job is seeing our clients' houses turn into dream homes. Erica spends her free time watching her two boys play football, baseball, and golf. She can’t put down a good book and prefers staying in over going out, though she does love a good glass of wine and a vacation!

Erica's favorite rugs are Stetson, Louise, Grady, and Greta.


in-house interior designer

Hailey grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, attended the University of Georgia where she majored in interior design. She has always had a knack for creating unique spaces and one-of-a-kind feels for her clients while incorporating old pieces with new. When designing a space, she says to start with the foundation (the rug, obvi!) and build from there!

Hailey lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and has worked for The Loom and Company full-time since 2022. She loves coffee, traveling, and happy hours with her friends!

Need help choosing the right rug for your space? Having trouble measuring for the best size? Hailey can't wait to help, complimentary, of course!

Hailey's favorite rugs are Weezie, Campbell, Laurel, Francie, and Emery.


samples team lead & social media assistant

Julia was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is the third oldest of seven (!!!) siblings. She graduated college in 2021 and is currently getting her Masters in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma.

Julia has worked for The Loom and Company since early 2021 and heads up the samples department. She is the perfectionist behind our color cards, from constructing them to shipping them and everything in between! Julia has recently started assisting our social media team with filming, photographing, and editing.

Julia is newly married to her sweetheart (the actual biggest sweetheart of them all), Jonny, whom she met on the first day of college. In her free time, she loves to bake, play sports with her friends, and drink sweet cream vanilla cold brew.

Julia's favorite rugs are Weezie, Briar, and Marian.


graphic designer

Mary Grace was born and raised in Rainbow City, Alabama—where she discovered her love for color and creativity. She attended Jacksonville State University School of Art + Design where she graduated with her BFA in Graphic Design. After college, Mary Grace found herself in Nashville where she started her career working in freelance design with a number of different clients, ranging from healthcare systems to creative branding for small businesses.

As The Loom & Company’s full time graphic designer, Mary Grace brings our marketing team’s visions to life. From email campaigns to social media marketing, she keeps us vibrant, lively and always on brand.

Mary Grace lives in Nashville with her Shih Tzu, Lindy and the greatest girlfriends a gal could ask for. When she isn’t knee deep in photoshop, she loves to run, hang out with her friends, go to concerts and travel. Fun fact: last year she completed her first marathon in New York!

Follow Mary Grace's adventures @marygraceporter